Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't know if anyone knows the exact alignment of the earth to our plants that is the turning of summer to fall but I think it's what I observed this week especially in the morning. The sun rising in a clear azure sky, the tips of my maple trees turning red and starting to bleed into the leaves more quickly and when the wind blows they sound dry and and it feels cool and more determined. Something happened during the night and everyone has pulled up their sheets and blankets and tucked them under their chins. But their sleep is deeper and more restful and they curl up in a fetal position starting to store energy and warmth a preview of things to come.
Sitting here writting the leaves throw shadows of themselves on my paper an indistinct tracing the moves with the breeze and gives the feeling of being under a tree. I love the this quiet time, the preday. My time to observe and think and enjoy this quiet moment.

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