Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've been reading many blogs to see if there is any special formatand I find it;s day today and really what life really is all about. In deep winter I like to drive to an old tote road and walk into the woods to a stand of pines on a hill. The snow laden boughs slope to the ground and makes a clean,pine scented haven. I crawl inside and sheltered from the cold I listen as the wind whistles through the dry grasses a discordant lonely sound that rises and falls and becomes the music for the swirling, spiriles of snow that spin in a vigorous ballet.
I can sit in my haven and time ceases. The sun is warm and soothing but the wind is cold an  exhilerating contrast. It's so  still and beautiful that I don't notice the sun slipping into the horizon till the trees and grasses become dark silhouettes on the snow only then can I force myself to leave.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't know if anyone knows the exact alignment of the earth to our plants that is the turning of summer to fall but I think it's what I observed this week especially in the morning. The sun rising in a clear azure sky, the tips of my maple trees turning red and starting to bleed into the leaves more quickly and when the wind blows they sound dry and and it feels cool and more determined. Something happened during the night and everyone has pulled up their sheets and blankets and tucked them under their chins. But their sleep is deeper and more restful and they curl up in a fetal position starting to store energy and warmth a preview of things to come.
Sitting here writting the leaves throw shadows of themselves on my paper an indistinct tracing the moves with the breeze and gives the feeling of being under a tree. I love the this quiet time, the preday. My time to observe and think and enjoy this quiet moment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I think of October as the month that the geese fly south. I woke up the other night threw on my jacket and went out on the back steps and there they were against the moon, flying and honking as the went. I don't cry easily but somehow that sight brought tears to my eyes. I am happy that there are things that follow their primal track. Always the same time after time no matter what is put in their way. They fly in that vee formation so familiar to every one. I was told by a park ranger that  their leader is always a wise old female. She doesn't necessarily lead the entire way, when she gets tired she drops back and another female takes her place till they reach there destination.

The bedroom window is at tree top height and the leaves are turning color at it's tips. The sun as it's setting dances over and through the leaves and reflects the most beautiful shading. The veins were dark against their fragile skin and I could see traces of fine lines and changing shape. If ever there is a reason to believe in something larger then our selves nature is the reason. There is nothing that makes me appreciate how inept at
creation humans are, then the beauty of the seasons and the beauty within them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mother nature 9/17/10

This is the begining of a new adventure.I don,t know how or where it may go but I do hope it will be fun and a way to share with some of you the pleasures and challenges of life. Observing the seasons and the many changes it brings. I live on a slip of land and rock seven miles out in the Atlantic Ocean. The changes that occur are sometimes spectacular. Sunsets that are breath taking shades of orange, yellow and shades of grey. As I learn the ways of inserting pictures I will try and share the beauty and color of ocean living