Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've been reading many blogs to see if there is any special formatand I find it;s day today and really what life really is all about. In deep winter I like to drive to an old tote road and walk into the woods to a stand of pines on a hill. The snow laden boughs slope to the ground and makes a clean,pine scented haven. I crawl inside and sheltered from the cold I listen as the wind whistles through the dry grasses a discordant lonely sound that rises and falls and becomes the music for the swirling, spiriles of snow that spin in a vigorous ballet.
I can sit in my haven and time ceases. The sun is warm and soothing but the wind is cold an  exhilerating contrast. It's so  still and beautiful that I don't notice the sun slipping into the horizon till the trees and grasses become dark silhouettes on the snow only then can I force myself to leave.

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